Packed for Portland

Meet Micah. He is 5-years old and lives in the great city of Portland, Oregon. Micah is a true-spirited Urban Infant and would like to share a sampling of what you may find in his Packie backpack on any given day. His family is active and proud of their surroundings in the great Northwest. We asked his family to share a few of their highlights of their city and local stomping grounds. Below are some of the places our editorial staff selected to share with you.

1. Annie Bloom's Books
One of their favorite neighborhood independent bookstores in Multnomah Village. It is refeshing these days to know you can walk in a shop and talk to the owners about books for your family. They hold children's book readings and can order anything for you usually within a few days - sometimes faster than Amazon.
Visit them at:  Annie Bloom's Books

2. The Oregon Zoo
We all know the real attraction are the animals, but the Oregon Zoo also has $3 carousel rides, weekly summer camps through September 5th, and every second Tuesday the admittance is only $4.00!
Visit the zoo site at:  Oregon Zoo

3. Dairy Hill Ice Cream
I scream, you scream, they all scream for Dairy Hill ice cream! This new shop is family-owned and community- focused. They feature traditional, timeless ice cream including malts, banana splits, ice cream cakes, and their specialty, handmade ice cream sandwiches.
Visit them at:  Dairy Hill

4. NW Children's Theater and School
Children of all ages can take performance classes at the Portland-based school that is devoted to theater arts education, acting, dancing, singing and laughter. They have ongoing plays, offer classroom residencies, or you can even schedule a birthday party there!
Visit them at:  NW Children's Theater and School

And no one can leave this museum off the list for all families with curious kids. And what boy (Micah included) does not want to see a US Navy Submarine. A day at this museum will foster creativity and keep them hands-on and asking lots of questions!
Visit them at:  Oregon Museum of Science and History

Michah's Packie® Backpack featured below