This brother-sister team has grown the Urban Infant® to become a household name with both parents and childcare centers. Maturing from a small start-up, the Urban Infant® is owned and operated by Kelly Friedl and Eric Eichhorn with offices in Chicago and Cleveland. Their product line focuses on the essential needs of parents in dual income household that rely on preschool or daycare. Best known for Preschool Products Reinvented, the line is strategically offered at affordable consumer pricing. This family-run design team has created award-winning products such as childcare nap mats, toddler-sized backpacks and lunch boxes, a pillow line - along with a collection of innovative bite-size art and crafting toddler accessories. 

"We love designing products that make a parent's life easier..."

Although they hold advanced degrees in design and business, they prefer to tout their other important qualifications:

1. Eric is a secret decoder card-carrying member of the Cap'n Crunch Club, 
2. Kelly works with a Great Dane in the office (think Scooby Doo)
3. Eric can clap his hands freakishly loud 
4. Kelly can do the splits
5. Eric once bowled a 256
6. Kelly and Eric can both recite the Budweiser creed on demand

Urban Infant® products can be found at national and online retailers such as Buy Buy Baby, Walmart, Amazon US and Canada. Eric and Kelly have been featured in Real Simple, Parenting, and Working Mother magazine. 

Voted "Top 10 Children’s Companies to Watch" by Parents Magazine.

Awards include The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Mom's Choice Award, National Parenting Product Award, and Graphic Design USA award for product and packaging design.